These are a few benchmarks that are designed to test specific parts of the code to demonstrate the performance difference between using this lib and the normal Redis client.

Setup benchmarks

Before running any benchmark you should install this lib in editable mode inside a virtualenv so it can import RedisCluster lib.

Install with

pip install -e .

You also need a few redis servers to test against. You must have one cluster with at least one node on port 7001 and you must also have a non-clustered server on port 7007.

Implemented benchmarks

  •, This benchmark can be used to measure a simple set and get operation chain. It also supports running pipelines by adding the flag –pipeline.

Run predefined benchmarks

These are a set of predefined benchmarks that can be run to measure the performance drop from using this library.

To run the benchmarks run

make benchmark

Example output and comparison of different runmodes