Implemented commands

This will describe all changes that StrictRedisCluster have done to make a command to work in a cluster environment.

If a command is not listed here then the default implementation from StrictRedis in the redis-py library is used.

Fanout Commands

The following commands will send the same request to all nodes in the cluster. Results is returned as a dict with k,v pair (NodeID, Result).

  • bgrewriteaof
  • bgsave
  • client_getname
  • client_kill
  • client_list
  • client_setname
  • config_get
  • config_resetstat
  • config_rewrite
  • config_set
  • dbsize
  • echo
  • info
  • lastsave
  • ping
  • save
  • slowlog_get
  • slowlog_len
  • slowlog_reset
  • time

The pubsub commands are sent to all nodes, and the resulting replies are merged together. They have an optional keyword argument aggregate which when set to False will return a dict with k,v pair (NodeID, Result) instead of the merged result.

  • pubsub_channels
  • pubsub_numsub
  • pubsub_numpat

This command will send the same request to all nodes in the cluster in sequence. Results is appended to a unified list.

  • keys

The following commands will only be send to the master nodes in the cluster. Results is returned as a dict with k,v pair (NodeID, Command-Result).

  • flushall
  • flushdb
  • scan

This command will sent to a random node in the cluster.

  • publish

The following commands will be sent to the server that matches the first key.

  • eval
  • evalsha

This following commands will be sent to the master nodes in the cluster.

  • script load - the result is the hash of loaded script
  • script flush - the result is True if the command succeeds on all master nodes, else False
  • script exists - the result is an array of booleans. An entry is True only if the script exists on all the master nodes.

The following commands will be sent to the sever that matches the specefied key.

  • hscan
  • hscan_iter
  • scan_iter
  • sscan
  • sscan_iter
  • zscan
  • zscan_iter

Blocked commands

The following commands is blocked from use.

Either because they do not work, there is no working implementation or it is not good to use them within a cluster.

  • bitop - Currently to hard to implement a solution in python space
  • client_setname - Not yet implemented
  • move - It is not possible to move a key from one db to another in cluster mode
  • restore
  • script_kill - Not yet implemented
  • sentinel
  • sentinel_get_master_addr_by_name
  • sentinel_master
  • sentinel_masters
  • sentinel_monitor
  • sentinel_remove
  • sentinel_sentinels
  • sentinel_set
  • sentinel_slaves
  • shutdown
  • slaveof - Cluster management should be done via redis-trib.rb manually
  • unwatch - Not yet implemented
  • watch - Not yet implemented

Overridden methods

The following methods is overridden from StrictRedis with a custom implementation.

They can operate on keys that exists in different hashslots and require a client side implementation to work.

  • brpoplpus
  • mget
  • mset
  • msetnx
  • pfmerge
  • randomkey
  • rename
  • renamenx
  • rpoplpush
  • sdiff
  • sdiffstore
  • sinter
  • sinterstore
  • smove
  • sort
  • sunion
  • sunionstore
  • zinterstore
  • zunionstore