There is a few benchmarks that is designed to test specific parts of the code that will show how big of a performance difference there is between using this lib and the normal Redis client.

Setup benchmarks

Before running any benchmark you should install this lib in editable mode inside a virtualenv so it can import StrictRedisCluster lib.

Install with

pip install -e .

You also need a few redis servers to test against. It is required to have 1 cluster with atleast one node on port 7001 and it also required to have a non-clustered server on port 7007.

Implemented Bencmarks

  •, This benchmark can be used to messure a simple set and get operation chain. It also support running pipelines bu adding the flag –pipeline

Run predefined benchmarks

There is a set of predefined benchmarks that can be runned to messure performance drop from using this library.

To run the benchmarks run

make benchmark

Example output and comparison of different runmodes